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Lian zi (莲子) 130ml Gu Fa Lian ni (Most Archaic Clay Forming) Di Cao Qing clay full handmade by famous artist RenWei (任伟)

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尺寸: 130ml
材料: aged Di Cao Qing
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Name: lian zi (莲子)

Artist: China national assistant artist  (助理工艺美术师) Ren Wei (任伟)

volume: 130ml

filter:  8 holes

material: aged 32 years Yixing ZiSha (purple sand) Di Cao Qing clay from HuangLong mine NO.4

full handmade

clay is made in ancient ways(古法炼泥)

Made of the Archaic Forming Process, of non-usage of vacuum former, but via the ancient pure hammer : repeated beating, flipping and pounding.

Lian zi (莲子) is Ren Wei's original design work, full of artistry.

recommended tea: oolong tea ,Raw pu-er tea,Rock tea
Quality guaranteed

An artist signature certificate is provided

Paper Certification with China national assistant artist  (助理工艺美术师) Ren Wei (任伟) for every Artwork of  her procured.

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